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Temperature & Humidity Sensor

 Temperature & Humidity Sensor

Price: $55.99

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With the connection through cmdBUS to BASIC Commander, you can use simple commands to calculate the dew point value. Through simple commands, the module can perform functions such as automatic measurements, alarms on changes, etc.
  • Measurable Temperature Range: -40°C~123.8°C
  • It can provide the information of temperature, humidity and dew point.
  • Conversion between different temperature units (°K, °F and °C).
  • It allows the user to configure the time interval for the automatic storage of temperature, humidity and dew point data. Up to 120 record items for each category can be stored.
  • It allows the user to configure the alarms on the ranges of temperature and humidity.
  • It allows the user to configure the alarm on changes of temperature and humidity.
  • It provides the heater function so as to improve the accuracy. Please refer to the appendix for details.
  • Measurement of the change of temperature and humidity.
  • Alarm on changes of temperature (humidity) in the environment where the temperature (humidity) needs to be controlled.

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  • Temperature & Humidity Manual

  • Example
  • Display temperature in F on a LCD2x16

  • Note: this module requires innoBasic Workshop to program.

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