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Altimeter & Barometer Sensor

 Altimeter & Barometer Sensor

Price: $50.00

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User-friendly high-precision atmospheric pressure sensing module. The value of the detected atmospheric pressure can be retrieved by using a simple command. Altitude can be derived according to the preset pressure at sea level. It allows user to configure various pressure notification events by setting the required pressure values for notification according to the demands.
  • Digitization of the value of the atmospheric pressure experienced by the sensing module.
  • Atmospheric pressure measurement range: up to 300-1100 hPar.
  • Resolution: up to 0.1 hPar.
  • By setting the pressure value at sea level, the altitude can be obtained through calculation.
  • Altitude measurement range: up to -5009000 m.
  • All the setting values can be re-read for verification by using the corresponding commands.
  • It can provide integer and float-point measurement readings.
  • Measurement alarm events are provided. After the module is activated, when a new measurement is updated, an alarm event will be generated.
  • The unit conversion capability allows you to convert various atmospheric pressure and altitude values according to your demands.
  • A memory storage capacity of up to 120 sets of pressure and altitude values is provided which allows the user to configure the storage interval.
  • Alarms on the variations of pressure and altitude are provided. It allows you to set the maximum allowed variation of pressure or altitude. When the module detects an excessive variation of pressure or altitude during the start-up stage, it will automatically generate the alarm event.
  • Both high-precision and high-speed modes are provided. When the user selects the high-precision measurement mode, the module can automatically average up the measurement values; when the high-speed mode is used, it can provide up to 10 measurements per second which is suitable for the sensing applications in which the atmospheric pressure changes more drastically.
Here are some ideas that you can use with this module:
  • Check the atmospheric pressure
  • Check out how much pressure a balloon can hold before it blows up
  • Use it as an altimeter by setting the pressure at sea level
  • Combine with the Temperature & Humunidity module, create your own weather station
  • Barometer Manual

  • Note: this module requires innoBasic Workshop to program.

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