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TV signal Foundamental

Can I pick up any terrestrial HDTV signal from anywhere?

No, The signal can be strong in area close to the tower and weak in remote area or area blocked by mountains or buildings.

How do I know whether the signal in my area is strong or weak?

The signal is strong if you are close to broadcasting tower or open area. It is weaker if you are close to broadcasting tower but blocked by building. It is very weak if you are far away from broadcasting tower and blocked by mountain or building.

I can just use a short wire to pick up TV signal, why do I need an antenna?

You are right! If you are in an area where the signal is strong, you probably donít have any problem. However, you wonít be able to have the same result in remote area or where the signal is weak.

What is the difference between outdoor and indoor antenna?

Any antenna can be used indoor or outdoor. The major difference is its structure and physical design must be suitable for outdoor or indoor use.

Does it make any difference if I place the antenna in different place, position or direction? Will I get different signal strength?


If I put the antenna outdoor, will I pick up stronger signal? Why?

Yes. The signal propagation is less blocked outdoor than indoor.

Specification of antenna

What is Active antenna? What is Passive antenna?

Active antenna is antenna plus integrated amplifier; Passive antenna is antenna only.

What is the frequency for HDTV reception?

The frequency for HDTV reception is UHF which is from 470MHz to 860MHz bandwidth worldwise, not VHF, which is 170MHz to 230MHz.

What is V.S.W.R.?

VSWR stands for Voltage Standing Wave Ratio, which is defined as Pr/Pin, where Pr is the reflected power and the Pin is the input power at the input connector. Therefore, this ratio should be less or equal to 2:1. The power loss is very little under this condition. The VSWR is to measure the efficiency of an antenna. The signal quality depends on the passive antenna gain. The higher the passive gain, the better the signal to noise ratio.

What is Gain? Is it helpful for pick up TV signal?

It means the signal energy level that can be boosted up by an amplifier or antenna. There are two kinds of gain: active and passive. The higher the gain, the higher the efficiency and signal quality.

What is dB?

dB is the unit for gain; including antenna passive gain and amplifier active gain.

What is SNR?

SNR stands for Signal Noise Ratio. It means signal to noise ratio.

What is TV signal amplifier?

Amplifier is a booster; to boost signal coming from the antenna, then spread boosted signal to TV/laptop.

What is amplifier input power?

It means the signal coming from antenna, before being boosted.

What is amplifier output power?

It means the signal output from amplifier, after it is boosted.

What is directional and omni directional antenna?

Directional antenna can pick up signal from a particular direction. Omni directional antenna can pick up signal from any directional almost 360 degree.

What is vertical and horizontal polarization?

For signal, it is the direction of energy. For antenna, it is a specification for signal matching. Terrestrial TV antenna needs Horizontal Polarization, not Vertical, since broadcast signal model is using Horizontal Polarization.

Can dual band and high gain be helpful for picking up signal?

Yes. Dual band can pick up more TV channels. High gain results higher energy to pick up signals.

What is the difference between Digital and Analog TV?

Digital TV provides much better picture quality than Analog TV.

Connection problem

My S-T-B/dongle had different input connector from the antenna output connector. What should I do?

Find the right adapter and connect it to the antenna and the set top box, TV, or tuner on the laptop.

I live in an apartment, I can't place the antenna outdoor. How can I get the best signal?

Put the antenna towards the broadcasting tower direction, and place it as close to window as possible.

If I want to extend the cable between the antenna and the TV/laptop, what cable should I choose?

Pay attention to cable specification; cable length and connector. It is better to get it done by a professional. Please do not attempt to do it yourself. If it is not necessary, please do not extend the cable.

How long can the cable be between the antenna and the TV/laptop?

As long as your antenna can provide enough signal power, the cable length is not a problem. High quality and shorter cable result less signal loss; lower quality and longer cable can result more loss.

Receiving signal

I have connected the antenna to my TV / laptop, but I can't pick up any signal.

Check the connection between the antenna and the TV/laptop, rotate your antenna toward the direction of the broadcasting tower, move your antenna close to window or balcony or higher position. If you are in a location where the signal is weak, after trying all the above and you still do not have strong signal, take another antenna and arrays it. Please consult us before trying it yourself. If you live in an area where the weather is not good, or it is after a storm or snow, make sure the transmission towers are working correctly.

I can get some channels but not others, why?

It means your location for TV signal and antenna power is in a threshold area; please use one more antenna to get steady signal. Please consult us instead of doing it yourself.

I cannot get steady signal, is it a problem of the antenna, or other problem?

It could be other reasons; depending on the whole system (including signal, antenna, TV/laptop).

Why my TV/laptop have trouble to receive signal after using for a long time?

It can be due to many factors, including signal strength, indoor location of the antenna, location where you are, signal boosted by amplifier, long cable, tuner and its software, the TV or laptop itself. Choosing the right parts of this complex system will give the best performance.

I use the same antenna, it can pick up signal in the living room, but I don't get anything in the bedroom or basement, why?

Living room is usually less covered. Bedroom and basement are more secluded, therefore it results in more signal loss.

Can I use one antenna to pick up signal, then share it with 2 or more TV/laptop?

Yes. If it is not necessary, please don't do it yourself.

When I turn on other electrical appliance (light, electric fan, microwave, etc), the signal breaks up, why?

Do the regular check up. If problem still persists, it is a problem from the signal source. Check the TV station.

Will thunder destroy my TV/laptop when I use the antenna?

No, only if thunder hit the antenna directly, heavy power can spread from the antenna to the TV or laptop.

Problem of active antenna

Before I installed amplifier, I can pick up some TV channels; but after that, I lost everything, why?

Amplifier is an electric component. Its inner structure has electric line which will result noise. When it boosts up energy, it also carries along noises which interfer the signal, thus, causing the signal lost. CS-102 is a Passive antenna, if you use an amplifier, it will decrease signal quality.

Most TV Antenna have 20-30dB gain, but your is only 4-6 dB gain. Why?

Usually, antenna with 20-30dB gain is an active antenna. The gain is from its amplifier.

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