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Experience free and high quality digital TV reception with the CS-102 HDTV / DTV antenna, a New Revolutionary Antenna (NRA) designed by AAT with the new generation antenna technology.

CS-102 offers the highest passive gain of 4.35dB without an amplifier. The planar design makes it a perfect omni-directional antenna. It performs consistently well across the UHF frequency, range between 400 and 850 MHz, typically for channels 14-69 broadcasting. No any Traditional antennas can have all these features.

HDTV expert Pete Putman rated it "best" and "reliable" among five other similar products. "I was able to receive each (of the 12 DTV stations) reliably from a 7th floor New York Hotel room. The antenna even managed to pull in a few channels in a third floor hotel conference room where analog TV reception wasn't possible, nor would my cell phone work on this particular location," he wrote on an article published on Home Theater Magazine, Sept., 2007.

The antenna range can extend up to 40 miles. It is small and compact 6"H x 8"W and weighs only 0.8lbs, ideal for travelling or use among different media devices, Fast and simple set up, just plug in for clear and sharp HDTV. See more detail information here.

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