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Q Card - Easy Recording, Easy Playback

QCard Q Card is a plug and play re-recordable Voice module that can record voice or sound up to 340 seconds in 7 sections of any duration. By connecting the module to the Q Writer, you can have line-in recording of music from MP3 player, cellphone or PC or voice with microphone. No software or programming is required. High quality sound. Playback with button or light sensor. Once the recording is finished, simply unplug it from the writer, then plug in the speaker, battery and the trigger of your choice. Place it anywhere you like and playback the messages or music.

Features Applications FAQ

  • Up to 340s recording of 7 sections of any duration.
  • Record with microphone in or Line-in cable
  • Usage up to 100,000 times
  • 16bit high quality playback, 8bits, 12K sample rate
  • Operation DC 3~6.5V
  • Dimension: 4.3 cm x 3.5 cm x 0.4 cm (LxWxH)
  • QCard
     Q Card
    Q Writer

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    • Greeting card, invitations, Gift boxes
    • Marketing inserts, promotions, product
    • Messages on medical devices
    • Navigation Systems
    • Transportation Stations announcements
    • Toys and educational devices, story tellers

    Q - Can I record background music with lin-in cable and voice with microphone at the same time? No. You can use APR33A3 for this feature.
    Q - Can I record stereo music? The output is always mono, not stereo.
    Q - I tried to record one song but it keeps beeping. Why? If you hear a long beep sound, it means the IC is full. You must delete one of the sections first and redo your recording. The new recording will have the same duration as the previous one. If you want longer duration, other sections must be either blank or you need to delete them first and redo the recording.
    Q - Can I record again after I add the buttons? Yes. Make sure your buttons or wires do not block the recording pins when you insert the QCard to the QWriter

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