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KIVR serie is a 8-bit CPU based Voice chip series with embedded voice storage memory. It can store from 10 to 341 sec voice message with 4-bit ADPCM compression at 6KHz sampling rate. 8-bit PCM is also available. There are up to twelve programmable I/O pins. Key trigger and Parallel CPU trigger mode can be configured according to different application requirement.

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  K161004K162104K164208K208511 K2N341N
Data Sheet
Duration10 sec.21 sec. 42 sec.85 sec.341 sec.
I/O4 812
Package16 pin DIP/SOP 20 pin DIP/SOP20 pin DIP/SOP
24 pin DIP/SOP
Memory256k512k 1M2M8M

Tools for IVR series
 K161004K162104 K164208K208511K2N341N
Single IC writer K20W
K20W User Manual, K20W Sound Writer
K-IVR Copier KC20D IVR20C8-SOP

K-IVR copier can program up to 8 DIP IC at the same time. For SOP IC, additional SOP adapter is required. Master IC must be programmed with the K20W Writer.

Plug and Play boards to test the sound recorded on the IC. These boards are available for DIP or DIE IC. You can order as individual board or as a set which includes a battery holder and 32mm speaker.

FAQ - K-IVR Voice IC


Q - I got a Firmware update fail error message. What do I do? Press cancel and use another USB port.
Q - Blank check fail scenario
  • A corrupt DAT file will NOT BE LOADED.
  • Wrong DAT file selected. Message "This is not aIVR DAT file".
  • Make sure you are using the correct writer. For example, using IVR chips on aiVR3K24USB which is 3K writer.
  • Wrong IC placed or selected from the drop down menu on the software

Q - What precautions do I need to take before writing 8902COBxx module?
  • The J1 jumper should be open.
  • The speaker, transistor and Rb resistor should not be connected.
  • It is 3V supply.

Q - Can I program the DB8092COBHXX with the components on it? The 8902COB85 can be programmed with the components on it but for the 8902COB10/21/42 you have to program with no components.
For all the COB (10/21/42/85) when programming J1 should be open and the speakers, transistors and Rb resistor not connected.

Q - Why does my writer shows an update error during startup?
    This message will show when a software update is required. It will guide you through all the steps automatically. The main window will display once the updated in finished.


Q - How can I test an IC that was programmed with CPU mode? The chip programmed in CPU mode needs to be tested seperately based on the CPU serial or parallel mode. CPU parallel mode can be tested by setting the DIP switch and pressing SBT. If the chip is progammed in CPU serial mode, for testing, it needs to be either connected to an external MCU or to another chip programmed to function as MCU (in the case of IVR). The IVR functioning as MCU requires a special Host DAT.
Q - If I test an IC with CPU mode programming, when do I need an external MCU? An external MCU is required for testing the CPU programmed in the serial mode. In the parallel mode, no additional external circuitry is required.

Sound Module

Q - Can I use the demoboards interchangeably between aP89XXX and K-IVR? All demoboards are designed specifically for a particular type (or series) of ICs.
Q - I want to use the DB8092COBHXX. Can I program it myself? The IVR Die board needs to be connected with components only after the IC has been programmed. Hence, we program all IVR die boards before providing to customers.

Data file

Q - Can a DAT generated for AP89XXX be used for programming the K-IVR? AP89xxx uses .DPM file while K-IVRxxx use .DAT file. The same .wav file can be used for either IC.
Q - How can a DAT file be tested?
    DAT file cannot be tested directly. You can either program a chip or check the log file that accompanies the DAT for error. The log file is created along with the DAT file when you click COMPILE in the software.

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