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The APR20xx series offer solid-state storage capability and require no software. It provides high-quality recording and playback. It is ideal for medical devices, alarm systems, control panel, announcements, and many other consumer and industrial applications. The small size, non-volatility, low power consumption, and ease-of-use provide cost effective solution to voice related applications.

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ModeDuration /
Data Compression
1/2/4 Sections
40~80 sec /
48k ~ 24k bps
4 bits, 8K 16 bits3V~6.5V DIP 20
SOP 20
2 Sections &
volume control
1 Section

  • Very Low Standby Current: 1uA
  • Low Power-Down Current: 10uA
  • Supports Power-Down Mode
  • Built-in Audio-Recording Microphone Amplifier
  • Configurable analog interface
  • Differential-ended MIC pre-amp for Low Noise
  • 16 bits high quality playback
  • High Quality Line Receiver
  • Support external oscillator to adjust sampling rate
  • High Quality Analog to Digital and PWM module

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    • Greeting card, invitations, Gift boxes
    • Marketing inserts, promotions, product
    • Messages on medical devices
    • Navigation Systems
    • Transportation Stations announcements
    • Toys and educational devices, story tellers

    Q - Can I record sound of different duration and sample rate on each section?
      No. Each section has its fixed duration of 10sec each for 4 messages (T2) and 20sec each for 2 messages (K2).

    Q - Can I have volume control and 4 sections?
      No. If you need 4 sections, you need T2.1 and there is no volume control. If you need volume control, you need K2.1 which can record only 2 sections. If your application requires specific requirement, please contact us for more information.

    Q - How can the APR2060K2.1 volume be set to higher level always even after power reset? In aPR2060 K2.1, the volume always will go back to the default level 4 after power off / reset. If you need to keep the max volume level ( level 8 ) always, use T2.2 version instead as its volume is designed to be fixed at level 8.
    Q - Why is the POT resistance on the Demoboard not matching as the sampling rate table listed in datasheet? The demoboard has a 47K resistance already on the board. So the total resistance should be 47k plus the POT resistance. See Oscilator Resistance.
    Q - Can APR2060H2.2 be used on the T2 demoboard? Yes, it can be used. Use the tact switches M0 and M1 to record and play. Unlike the T2 or K2 IC, switches need to be press and hold to record and play. Features are the same as APR9301 including loop.
    Q - Does it have loop feature? Yes. All the IC in the APR2060 serie has the loop feature. H2 has a 1 sec silence between the loops.

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