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Fun with Sound Module

BasketIt is that time of the year, Christmas season, somebody's birthday or some special occasion, and you would be giving out gift baskets or gif box to your family, friends and other loved ones. Ever thought about making it a little more personal with a Christmas jingle, or maybe a personal message, or a favorite song that you would like the special person to hear when they get the gift? A sound module would make your gift different and unique from other gifts with the tinge of personal affection.

What is a Sound Module?

First of all I'll explain what a Voice Module is and how it works. Voice or Sound Module is a circuit board with a Voice chip. It is used to playback a sound that has been previously recorded to the voice chip. The songs and messages can be of different duration. There are different ways to playback the sound with different types of triggers. For more information on triggers, see Types of triggers. The sound module also comes with a speaker and a battery holder.

How to store sound?

The sounds are stored in the voice chip. To record the sound to the voice chip, you would need a programming tool and software. This could be troublesome if you have no electronic background. You can purchase the sound module with a pre-recorded sounds with different themes depending on the ocasion, such as Christmas song, happy birthday, Halloween horror sound. However, you have a special song or a special message that you would like to use, you can send your own audio files to us. We will be program them to the voice chip for you.

Parts you need

How to setup the module

Demo BoardIn this article, I will explain how to set up the Voice module DB6215 as shown on Fig 1. If the batteries are not inserted, remove the board from the box carefully and insert the 2 x AG13 batteries with the positive (+) face down. After closing the cover, connect the speaker to the pin on the side of the box.

Test the module

Depending on the module you have, the trigger can be different what is shown on the picture. If you a button, press the button once. If you hear the sound, it means all the connections are correct. If the sound volume is not loud enough, hold the speaker in your fist leaving a small opening. Then press the button again to listen to the sound through the opening. A good enclosure that holds the speaker firmly would make the sound louder. When placing the speaker in an enclosure, make sure you place the speaker diaphragm facing the holes on the enclosure.

Putting items together

Now you know the module is working, it is time to put all things together. For this particular sound module, the sound will play only when the trigger button is pressed. You can place the module with some decorations and leave the button visible with a note asking the person to press the button. If you have LDR trigger, also known as light sensor, you can place it inside a box. When the box is open and the sensor has contact with lights, it will trigger the sound automatically.

There are different types of sound modules with different size and duration. Different project needs different trigger and different duration. For example, a sound module for a gift box which plays a message when someone opens. A sound module for a Christmas tree which plays a Christmas Carol whenever someone walks across it. When ordering the module, be sure to indicate what you want to use it for.

If you already have a sound module, you can also order different voice chip with different theme or sounds. That way, you can change the chip for different occasion.

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