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Triggering Options

The following are the triggering options for the OTP voice IC:

Edge and Level Trigger
  • For both Edge and Level trigger, the sound starts to play when the trigger button is pressed.
  • For Level Trigger, if the trigger button is pressed and keep holding pressed, the same sound will continue to play again and again until the trigger button is released.
  • If the IC is programmed to Edge Trigger, the sound will play only once and stops even the trigger key is kept pressing.

Hold and Unhold Trigger
  • For Holdable Trigger, the sound will play only when he trigger button is kept pressing. It will stop immediately once the key is released.
  • For Unholdable Trigger, the sound will play until it finishes when the button is pressed, no matter it is kept pressing or released.

Non-retrigger and Retrigger
  • For retrigger option, the sound currently playing will be stopped and new sound will play when another trigger key is pressed.
  • For non-retrigger option, new trigger action will have no effect while the current sound is finished playing.

How to choose the right option

The above triggering options must be used together. For example, if you have a sound file with one song, you can choose, Edge, Hold and Non-retrigger. If you have a sound file with three songs and three different trigger button, you could choose Edge, Hold and Retrigger. This way, whenever you press the first button, the first song will play. While it is playing and you press the third button, the third song will play.

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